Beach Bag Essentials

Summer days are comming and we are all looking forward to spend those sunny days by the beach. So here are my beach bag essentials to make your day a perfect beach day.

Obviously the most important thing you need is a super (cute) beach bag:

I personnaly love totes, they are perfect to bring with you everything you need.

EAST stripe beach bag, $41,89.




crown bag


But if you are not really into Totes you can take a backpack too.


Bluefly backpack, $25,00



glassescasesYou should never forget your sunglasses on sunny days, to protect your eyes and to look even cuter when sunbathing. And when you go for a swim you should always keep them in a sunglasses case.

Accesorize Kamiile Cat blue sunglasses, $29,44.
Accesorize sunglasses case, $10,81.



If you want to spend all day at the beach (or just the morning) is important that you keep yourself hydrateted. Water is a must, but it’s always good to try something new.

Iced coffee to-go, $30,00 (pack of twelve).




phoneIf you don’t want to leave your phone at home you have to protect it from water and sand, so the best choice is a phone case.

“Beach Don’t Kill my vibe” Juicy Couture Iphone Case, $27.



Few things you can’t forget about:

Mean Girls

Today April 30th is the ten anniversary of Mean Girls. And guess what? It’s wednesday!! So today’s post, as you may guess, it’s about this movie, that btw today I’m wearing Pink.


So if you’re from Africa why are you white?

You smell like a baby prostitue.

You can’t sit with us.

That is the uggliest effing skirt I’ve ever seen.

She asked me how to spell orange.

I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.

Joking. Sometimes older people make jokes.


What people think about Regina?

Regina George is flawless.

She has to Fendi purses and a silver Lexus.

I heard her hair’s insured for 10,000$.

One time she met John Stamos on a plane. And he told her she was pretty.

I heard she does car commercials in Japan.

Her favourite movie is Varsity Blues.

One time, she punched me in the face. It was so awesome!



DIY: Room Decoration

What you need: 

-adhesive tape

-some pictures (mine are 7×10 cm)P1000059



It’s really easy you just need to find a free space in your room (like your closet door, or your door). Then out the adhesive tape on your photos. See the pic. Do the same for all the pics and then simply stick the photos where you want. I choosed the side of my closet, and I mixed them in different positions . You can also write with a marker under the pictures.


P1000060 P1000061 P1000063 P1000064 P1000065


Beauty Routine of a Victoria Secret model

Behati Prinsloo is a longtime Victoria Secret model and a natural beauty advocate, TeenVogue talked to her  about her daily beauty regimen. Behati is the face of the brand’s newest fragrance launch, Angels Only, a fruity floral scent with notes of apple blossom, freesia, and violet.


8 A.M.: “After waking up, I wash my face using Luzern Pure Cleansing Creme. This is a brand whose ingredients are all organic and not drying. Then I follow up moisturzing with Luzern lotion, and if I need extra freshening up, I’ll add with a mist of Santa Maria Novella’s Rose Water. It instantly makes you look awake, which is nice. I always make sure to finish with SPF 50. I usually treat myself to a monthly facial, but I also love masks. And for body lotion, I usually use Nivea or just plain coconut oil. Lately I’ve been in need of a hint of color, though, so I’ve been using Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Self-Tanning Lotion!”

8:30 A.M.:I don’t really wear much makeup on a daily basis—I keep it minimal. I wish I could give myself a cat eye, but I fail every time! Instead, I keep it simple and natural. I love using RMS Beauty Living Luminizer, CoverGirl mascara, and By Terry’s Baume de Rose with a bit of Victoria’s Secret Lip Sheen on top. If I have any redness, I use RMS Un-Cover Up to conceal it. I really love fragrance, though, so I always spray my favorite, even when I’m not wearing makeup. I usually mix it up between Victoria by Victoria’s Secret or their new scent, Angels Only.”

9 A.M.: “Like my makeup, I keep my hair simple. It’s either down or in a ponytail. I use Aveda to wash, and sometimes I’ll spray with Redken Nature’s Rescue Sea Spray. If my hair ever feels dry, I’ll use a tiny bit of MoroccanOil. If I’m working back-to-back, I’ll shampoo daily. If not, I do it every other day. I don’t use it all the time, but my favorite product is Oribe Dry Texture Spray. It’s a dry shampoo and a texturizer in one, so it’s easy to use.”

 10 A.M.: “My exercise regimen changes depending on my schedule. When I have a shoot or a big job coming up, I try my best to work out four or five times a week. It’s important to mix things up, so I’m trying different workouts all the time. Right now, I’m doing yoga with a personal instructor and I love it! I also do Pilates, strength training, and some hiking. I love my VSX sports bra and leggings, and I stay hydrated.

6 P.M.: “If I’m going out at night, I might use a pencil to make my eye a little darker and smokier, but I usually just stick to my normal daytime makeup. If it’s a special event, I get to work with a lot of different hair and makeup professionals, so thankfully I’m in their hands! The one thing I do prefer is to keep my hair down and parted in the middle with beachy texture. The Oribe spray is really perfect for that. I don’t change up my fragrance at night, I’ll just reapply some more. Plus, a good manicure and pedicure is essential!”untitled



Article by Teen Vogue

Travel post: PARIS

large (11)

Obviously the city of love♥ is the city you should visit when going to France  (and if you have time you should also visit other french cities as Nice, Marseille…).

  • Attractions:

-The Eiffel Tower:  Designed and constructed for the 1889 Exposition Universelle ( the World Fair in English).  It was not supposed to be permanent when it was first built. It’s possible to climb up the stairs as far as the third floor. Going up to the top though is possible only using the elevator for amazing views of the city.

-Cathédrale de Notre-Dame: do you remember The hunchback of Notre Dame from Disney? He lives there. Besides that fact this cathedral was built in 1345 and was almost destructed during the French revolution . From the top you have lovely views of Montmartre and Arc du Triomphe.

-Musée du Louvre: even if you don’t like museums you should visit this one. It was once the palace of Paris and nowadays it’s the world’s largest art museum, you can find Mona Lisa, Venus de MiloWinged Victory of Samothrace and much more (up to 35.000 pieces).

-Champs Élysées: it’s Paris’ most famous boulevard from obelisk at Place de la Concorde to the foot of the Arc de Triomphe, it’s the perfect place for shopping (from luxury stores to more affordable ones). “Il y a tout ce que vous voulez aux Champs-Élysées,” which translates to “There’s everything you could ever want along the Champs-Élysées.”

-Sacré-Cœur (Montmartre): looks more like a white castle than a basilica. You’ll fall in love with the panoramic views from the Sacré-Cœur’s steep staircase, but for an even better photo op, climb to the top of the dome.


  • Food:

-Macarrons: these tiny Parisian cookies come in a hundred flavors, melt in your mouth and are neat enough not to crumb up your outfit. You can find them in many pastry shop, but I’ll recommend Ladurée.

-Mussels: even though it’s most typical from belgium you should try them. And remember to order them with french fries. Yummy!

-Crêpes: you shouldn’t leave Paris without tasting a crêpe. You can have them with nutella or sugar but you can also have salty crêpes, with jam (Brittany crêpes).

-Pain au chocolat: perfect for breakfast it’s a croissant filled with dark chocolate. Obviously you should also try normal croissants.

-Escargots (snails): before saying that you don’t like them you should try them because they are actually delicious. Tender snails, cooked in butter, garlic and

 QOTD: what’s your favourite food?


I took inspiration from: Travel US News, and Ashley Abroad.

Pictures are from: We Heart It but I did the collage.


I’m Laura from Spain, and I’ll post about fashion, beauty and much more! Some posts are mine but i ALWAYS give credit. Please like my post and remeber to leave comments.

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