Workout for lazy people #getreadyforsummer

So summer is comming and eventhough you should stay healthy and do exercises all year, when summer is aproaching everyone wants to look skinny and fit.

You should accept your body how it is, some people are just skinny even if they don’t do sport and other people take more time to see the girl

So if you are like me and just lie on the sofa while waiting for your body to get fit just remember there are a few months left for summer and it’s never too late to start.

Workout (10 mins, you just need a chair, a wall, and a floor)

⊗Jumping Jacks: 30s [whole body]

Stand up with legs together the jump with your feet apart and hand touching overhead and then return to start position.

10s break

⊗Wall sit: (30s) [quadriceps muscles]

Sit down with your back against the wall as you were sitting on a chair, and hold this position

10s break

⊗Push-up: (30s) [chest, shoulders, triceps, back, legs]

Lie down on your tummy with arms supporting your body and then lower your body with your arms keeping your body straight.

10s break

⊗Abdominal crunch: (30s) [abdominal muscles and oblique]

Lying on your back with knees bend and hands over your shoulders lift your shoulders off the floor and hold then slowly return.

10s break

⊗Step.up onto chair: (30s) [legs and butt]

Step up and off the chair alternating your legs.

10s break

⊗Squat: (30s) [thighs, hips, butt, lower body]

Stand up with feet apart then bend your knees (90º) then return to intial position.

10s break

⊗Triceps dip on chair: (30s) [triceps]

Hold the chair with your arms and lie until your feet touch the floor, then lift your body  with your arms and then bring your hips close to the ground.

10s break

⊗plank: (30s) [abdomen, back, shoulders]

Stay in a push up position with  your arms making a 90º angle.

10s break

⊗high knees: (30s)

Stand and lift your knees to a 90º angle. The repeat with your other leg quickly.

10s break

⊗lunge: (30s) [quadriceps, gluteus]

Stand and do one step with your right leg and bend your left leg as low as you can  while keeping your back straight. Return and repeat alternating legs.

10s break

⊗side plank: (30s) [abdominal muscles, oblique]

Lie on the left side supporting on your left arm. Then hold your body in a straight line.

10s break

⊗side plank: (30s) [abdominal muscles, oblique]

Lie on the right side supporting on your right arm. Then hold your body in a straight line.

10s break

⊗bridge: (30s) [abdominal, glutes, lower back]

Lie flat on the floor and lift your hips while keeping your back straight.


removing unwanted hair #getreadyforsummer


There’s many ways to remove body hair, and you just have to find the one that best works for you. I’ll present you five different ways to get rid of unwanted leg hair.


It6ea1202ceb818633aba2667671332358‘s the fastest way to remove your hair, but it only gives short-term benefits as the hair is only cut off from the surface and  it takes about two days to grow back. And the new hair is usually darker and harder than natural hair. Oh, and it’s also a cheap way to remove hair.

Depilatory cream:d56cd4a6ddb85a8c2c47206d90383b48

This method has also short-term benefits because the hair takes around 4-5 days to grow back. The main “problem” is that it may be messy so make sure you have enough time. An advantage is that it’s not painful and the hair becomes thinner.

Warm wax (at home):61a13e6d58869dcac406ccfde299d519

To be able to do it at home you may need to practice a few times and it might be painful. But on the other hand it softens the hair and lets you have hairless legs for a month. It’s also inexpensive. But be carefull with ingrown hair.

Hot wax (at a beauty salon):42fff84c6b2d9a6fe5b9f8a5eb002a77

More or less the same as warm wax, the main difference is that the estheticienne rips it off without strips. For me only groins were painful, but some people find it really sore. You get a soft skin for a month, and after a few times this period of times gets longer but it’s more expensive than doing it at home.


This it’s the most expensive method to remove ipl2your hair but after a few sessions (between 5 and 10) you’ll never have to worry about your hair ever again. Before going to your appointment make sure to apply an anesthetic cream (the one recommended by you estheticienne), it may be expensive but it’s worth it. Withe the cream it didn’t hurt at all, and a friend who didn’t use it said that the laser was really painful.

This is my sum up of all the methods to make your decision even easier:


Travel post: Vienna


Vienna is the city of music ♪ and it’es the capital of Austria, wich is situed in the center of Europe in the South of Germany.

  • Attractions

Vienna State Opera: probably the most famous opera house in the world. It’s located in the center of Vienna. The building was destroyed by a bomb during world war II, that’s why decorations don’t look very luxury as other european opera houses. You can take a guided tour on the morning, or watch an Opera in the evening from 4€ to 265€.

St. Stephan’s Cathedral: catholic church situated in Stephansplatz (In the heart of the city). It’s easly recongnizible from anywhere within the city, thanks to the colorful roof. It was also severly damaged during WWII.

Schonbrunn palace: there are many palaces in Vienna, but my favourite is Schonbrunn, it’s quite similar to Hofburg palace. This barroque style palace used to be the summer residence of the Imperial family. Mozart played for the first time to the Hofburg family in the Hall of mirrors at the age of 6. Franz Joseph, the last emperor, died here. Many famous people has walk through the french gardens, as Napoleon. The Vienna Zoo (wich is the world’s oldest zoo) is part of the gardens, and there are also a few labyrinths you shouldn’t miss.

The Prater: it used to be the hunting area of the imperial family, and nowadays it holds an amusement park. Don’t forget to get in the ferry wheel to have some lovely views of the city.

The Art History Museum: located in the museum quartier, it’s probably one of the best museums in the world. The museum holds an impressive collection of Egyptian and Greek art as well as a great collection of European works, as Dürer, Velazquez, Bruegel…


  • Food

Wiener Schnitzel: you can have one of pork or  veal cutlet battered, and it usually comes with potatoes smash and a little salad, and I love it!

Sachertorte: the original one is from Sacher Hotel. It’s a chocolate cake with apricot jam. Perfect for chocolate lovers.

Apfelstrudel: it’s a cake made of apple, sugar and raisins, it’s personally my favourite cake from Vienna.

Neapolitan wafer: from Manner it’s a chocolate-cream sandwich biscuit, the chocolate has hazelnuts, so it tastes like nutella.


Liebster Award

Sorry for not posting for a while, i’ve been quite busy with school, I’m really sorry but I’ll do my best to keep writing each week this year (btw Happy New Year).
So E for Elle nominated me to Liebster Award

The rules are:
Thank and link the person who nominated you
Answer the questions given by the nominator
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my stuff

1) What is something about you that not wouldn’t be expected?

Thats a hard question, I would say that I can speak fluently 4 languajes (and English is not my mother tongue)

2) who is your favourite band/artist and what song?

My favourite singer is Taylor Swift, I would say I like all of her songs but right now I listen on repeat is Blank Space but the song that I like the most is Fifteen.

3) What were your job aspirations as a child?

I wanted to be teacher, I think everyone has been trogh that phase, but this year I really need to decide what Im going to study and I don’t know I still have a few months to make up my mind.

4) Cold or hot drinks?

Definitly cold. I love any soda or a frapuccino.

5) Whats in your handbag?

My phone, lipstick, headphones, my purse and then depending on where I’m going I’ll take something more. I try to keep my bag organized.

6) If you were stranded on an island what would you take with you (only one item)?

My computer because you can basically do anything with it (if it has internet connection), like talking to my friends, social networks, watch movies and series….

7) Snog, marry avoid? Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner

Snog none

Avoid Kylie and Miley

Marry Selena Gomez

8) Any beauty secrets?

Most of my beauty tricks are things I saw on the internet. But my beauty trick to be ready to go out in less than a minute is blush, I use a light pink from Sephora, and I apply it from my ear to the top of my cheek.

9) Favorite place and why?

Besides my city (Barcelona). It’s so hard to say one place: New York made me fall I love, Paris will always be my favourite destination…. But I would say Boston it’s my home away from home, where I have my second family and my favourite little sisters

10) Favorite flavour ice cream?

Stracciatella, for the ones who don’t know its cream with bits of chocolate.

I really don’t know who to nominate because the ones I wanted to nominate are already nominated, so noone is nominated.

Beach Bag Essentials

Summer days are comming and we are all looking forward to spend those sunny days by the beach. So here are my beach bag essentials to make your day a perfect beach day.

Obviously the most important thing you need is a super (cute) beach bag:

I personnaly love totes, they are perfect to bring with you everything you need.

EAST stripe beach bag, $41,89.




crown bag


But if you are not really into Totes you can take a backpack too.


Bluefly backpack, $25,00



glassescasesYou should never forget your sunglasses on sunny days, to protect your eyes and to look even cuter when sunbathing. And when you go for a swim you should always keep them in a sunglasses case.

Accesorize Kamiile Cat blue sunglasses, $29,44.
Accesorize sunglasses case, $10,81.



If you want to spend all day at the beach (or just the morning) is important that you keep yourself hydrateted. Water is a must, but it’s always good to try something new.

Iced coffee to-go, $30,00 (pack of twelve).




phoneIf you don’t want to leave your phone at home you have to protect it from water and sand, so the best choice is a phone case.

“Beach Don’t Kill my vibe” Juicy Couture Iphone Case, $27.



Few things you can’t forget about:

Mean Girls

Today April 30th is the ten anniversary of Mean Girls. And guess what? It’s wednesday!! So today’s post, as you may guess, it’s about this movie, that btw today I’m wearing Pink.


So if you’re from Africa why are you white?

You smell like a baby prostitue.

You can’t sit with us.

That is the uggliest effing skirt I’ve ever seen.

She asked me how to spell orange.

I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.

Joking. Sometimes older people make jokes.


What people think about Regina?

Regina George is flawless.

She has to Fendi purses and a silver Lexus.

I heard her hair’s insured for 10,000$.

One time she met John Stamos on a plane. And he told her she was pretty.

I heard she does car commercials in Japan.

Her favourite movie is Varsity Blues.

One time, she punched me in the face. It was so awesome!



DIY: Room Decoration

What you need: 

-adhesive tape

-some pictures (mine are 7×10 cm)P1000059



It’s really easy you just need to find a free space in your room (like your closet door, or your door). Then out the adhesive tape on your photos. See the pic. Do the same for all the pics and then simply stick the photos where you want. I choosed the side of my closet, and I mixed them in different positions . You can also write with a marker under the pictures.


P1000060 P1000061 P1000063 P1000064 P1000065